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QUIZ: English-speaking countries

Викторина «QUIZ: English-speaking countries»
— разработка учителей английского языка гимназии №7

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1. Put the presidents the USA in chronological order:

2. The largest city in Wales is:
a) London b) Oxford c) Cardiff d) Edinburgh

3. Washington is named after
a) the first state in America
b) the river
c) the first president of America
d) the writer

4. The head of the English government is
a) The King
b) The Queen
c) The Prime Minister
d) The speaker of the house of Commons

5. How many bronze lions are there at the foot of the Nelson column?
a) Two
b) Three
c) No one
d) four

6. Where can you see the tombs of many British Kings and queens other famous people?
a) In Westminster Abbey
b) In St. Paul’s Cathedral
c) Whitehall
d) In the British Museum

7. Put the British holidays in order (starting from December):
Mother’s Day, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, May Day, Halloween, Boxing day, New Year’s Day

8. The oldest part of London is
a) The City
b) The West End
c) The East end
d) The North End

9. The biggest city in Scotland is
a) Glasgow
b) Edinburgh
c) London
d) Oxford

10. Which is the nearest neighbour to Great Britain
a) Italy
b) Iceland
c) France
d) Spain

11. Christopher Columbus discovered America in
a) 1492
b) 1392
c) 1482
d) 1566

12. Put these countries in the alphabetical order:
Russia, Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Australia

13. Name the holiday which belongs only to American people:
a) Christmas
b) Halloween
c) Independence Day
d) Mother’s day

14. Abram Lincoln. Who was he?
a)A writer
b)The 16th president of the USA
c)A scientist
d)A prime Minister

15.The US President’s term is
a)2 years
b)4 years
c)6 years
d)3 years

16. Jeans are clothes worn by
a)Cowboys in the wild west
b)Actors in America
c)Levi Strauss people
d)People all over the world

17. The official national symbol of the USA is
a)The Statue of Liberty
b)The eagle
c)The turkey
d)The “May Flower”

18. What plant is the official symbol of Scotland?
a)The leek
b)The rose
c)The hobby
d)The thistle

19. What is the traditional made costume in Scotland?
a)The kilt
b)Tall black hats
c)The jeans
d)Black suits

20. Put these kings and queens in chronological order:
King Henry VIII, Elizabeth II, Victoria, Elizabeth I

21. Christopher Columbus discovered:
a)Central America
b)North America
c)South America
d)The United States of America

22. The “May Flower’’ is
a)The name of a season
b)The name of a flower
c)The name of ship
d)The name of the first English settlement in America

23. How many colonies were these in America before the war of Independence?

24. Great Britain is separated from the continent by
a)The Pacific Ocean
b)By the English Channel
c)The Bristol channel
d)The Irish sea

25. The southern and central part of Great Britain is
d)North Ireland

26. Choose the names of the English-speaking countries only:
France, Great Britain, China, the USA, Canada, Brazil, New Zealand, Australia

27. How many stripes are there on the American flag?

28. What holiday is celebrated in the USA on the 4th of July?
a)Mother’s Day
b)Independence Day
c)Thanksgiving Day
d)Memorial Day

29. Sir Christopher wren built
a)St. Paul Cathedral
b)Westminster abbey
c)The Tower of London
d)The National Gallery


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  1. Thank you very much for your quiz.It’s so interesting and useful.

  2. In this question the third option shoud be — None- but not -No one-.

    5. How many bronze lions are there at the foot of the Nelson column?
    a) Two
    b) Three
    c) No one
    d) four

  3. Огромное спасибо за презентацию и викторину, очень интересный и тщательно продуманный учебный материал.

  4. Спасибо! Использовали викторину в подготовке к олимпиаде по английскому языку.

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